Welcome to Brussels Beer Project! Our boxes are built to hold 12 bottles/cans for a standard shipping fee. So the best way to shop is buying multiples of 12, cheers! 🍻

Brewing a piece of Brussel's history

We always try to brew beers that make people travel. Each sip should be an experience, playful, enjoyable, and shoul...

Pinard goes barrel-aged

Pinard de Bruxelles vintage 2019 has a new face & a new taste after aging for seven months in Bordeaux barrels and two months in bottles. The flavor profile and more info in the post.

Morning, Sunshine! Berry Breakfast

A crowdfunder favourite is back! Need an alternative for Jungle Joy? Morning, Sunshine! 2.0 is an upgrade from the o...

Delta DIY: We have a winner!

Last night we closed off our first Delta IPA Homebrew competition with a final of 6 great DIY beers. The price? An invitation to come develop and brew a beer with the BBP team!  

Delta IPA homebrewing competition is coming closer to a winner!

We've received 25 great homebrews, picked six finalists and are getting ready for the final tasting live on Instagram on July 30 @ 18:30

Honey IPA? Did we make a sweet India Pale Ale?

Nope, we did not. We used local Brussels honey from Ukeepers for the bottle re-fermentation, adding layers of lime and wildflower notes to complement the hops in this bitter session IPA.

Smells Like Brussels Spirit: 4 Brussels breweries distilled in one bottle

The quarantine has forced us to step out of our comfort zone, demonstrate creative innovation & see once again the power of community, as well as it’s many dimensions. Together with En Stoemelings, La Source and No Science, we created the “Smells like Brussels Spirit” bringing our four universes together in a bottle.

Launching All Together NEIPA to support #HorecaComeback

A juicy New-England IPA to help local bars & restaurants through #HorecaComaback.


Sorry Covid, but we’re still going strong! Pulling our weight to get out of this crisis nimbler, smarter, together t...


Pair 5 of our ALL STARS with some delicious food
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