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t'Verzet - Doktor Rudi - Brussels Beer Project
Dryhopped kettle sour, blonde, fresh sour beer, aromatised with the herbal Dr. Rudi hop. 6% vol

Doktor Rudi is an authority on acute thirst healing. The herbal smell of this drink reminiscent of oregano, pine and lemon grass, is the first step to your healing process.

When taken orally, it will make you feel instantly better and it makes your sense of dehydration vanish into thin air. Attention: the refreshing sourness and the extreme drinkability can drastically increase the chance of addiction. In addition, this substance is toxic when taking volumes that exceed your boundaries. Available without prescription.

Brouwerij 't Verzet
Three friends started a project in beer in 2011. In 2016 they opened their own facility in West-Flanders brewing plenty of different styles and experiments!

t'Verzet - Doktor Rudi

Brouwerij 't Verzet

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