Pinard de Bruxelles vintage 2019 has a new face & a new taste.

This Grape Ale with Bourboulenc and Grenache Blanc grapes from La Clape, brewed back in October 2019, went into Bordeaux barrels nine months ago. After two months of bottle conditioning, it’s now ready for your taste buds.

If you tasted the original brew, launched at the beginning of 2020, you will notice an even more complex flavor profile in this BA edition, with a bigger vinous character, tannic, drier and with notes of vanilla, pear & stone fruit. A perfect beer to introduce to your glou-glou friends at our Dansaert taproom!

We also still have some bottles left of the non-barrel-aged  version so a perfect opportunity to try these 2 beers side-by-side and see what flavor tones you pick up.