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Morning, Sunshine! Berry Breakfast

A crowdfunder favourite is back! Need an alternative for Jungle Joy?

Morning, Sunshine! 2.0 is an upgrade from the original that was released exactly 4 years ago in August 2016!

This "breakfast beer" is made with 5 different grains, locally Belgian barley, wheat, oat, rye & spelt! This malt bill gives a more complex and full-bodied flavour base for this beer.  

Hops are here mainly to preserve the beer, we use Perle & Saaz from Hoppecruyt (BE) and then Mosaic (USA),giving a complementary fruity touch.

The big star in this beer are the fruits, not only raspberry this time, but also blackberries. Giving the beer a nice pink-red colour and a nice pink foam.

Voss Kveik yeast on this version to get some orangey esters and boost the head retention!

 Tasting notes: Big forest fruit aromatic punch, but not too sweet with a nice fruity acidity and some hop bitterness to balance out all the sensations!

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